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The main core of our aviation services is Private VIP and protective charter flights, aerial travel and security, aerial logistic and the protection of people, infrastructure and assets. ARGOS DEFENSE provides a complete range of services that we deliver to corporations, the private sector, NGO’s, defense and security contractors, and any other aviation industry clients. Our key services are delivered Worldwide all over the globe. From major capital cities to regional airports, from corporate to operational aviation facilities, from private VIP charters to Emergency operations and rescue, ARGOS DEFENSE provide unique services capabilities that exceed our customers stated need and expectations.

We have key stakeholder relationships with government, industry, airlines, airports and aviation related organizations. Our highly skilled, professional and customer focused aviation protection officers are dedicated to consistently delivering the required security and customer service outcomes for our clients.


Key services include:


  • Corporate/Private VIP charter flights (domestically and Internationally)
  • Protective Operations / Security detail up to final destination
  • Aerial services in multiple platform (Rotary Wing / Fixed wing Aircraft)
  • Emergency exercises
  • Emergency management
  • Risk and transition management
  • Asset protection and management
  • Multi-Aviation Operations (Civil Defense, Air Assault, NVD, VIP)
  • NGO’s operational support and logistic
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